COMMENT: I believe the one girl he shook arms with, mockingly, was Margery Taylor Inexperienced, if that was her – it’s exhausting to inform nowadays. One other troubling concept he launched, if I’m not mistaken, was to begin indoctrinating youngsters in junior kindergarten.

On the finish all people crowded round Biden and held his fists for no less than 15 minutes. I assume the virus left the room by then.
Swamp feeding the swamp. We the Folks have turn out to be We the Authorities.


REPLY: I discover it very disturbing for this whole political mess is consuming away on the very basis of society. That is now not Democrat v Republican, this has turn out to be the Folks v the Swamp. I discover it attention-grabbing that 60%+ of Individuals really feel we want a 3rd occasion. Even 70% of Republicans had stated they’d observe Trump confirming the help for Social gathering Politics is declining quickly.

I’ve stated plainly that Trump was naive. They picked his cupboard and that’s the reason he was in battle with most from the beginning. You had folks like Bolton going towards him as a result of he wished to drag the troops out of Afghanistan. You hear not even a peep now that Biden is doing it.

Take a look at Britain, you might have Boris Johnson a purported CONSERVATIVE performing like a complete dictator. That is now not political insofar as one occasion towards one other. As governments begin to implode shifting nearer to 2032, what’s collapsing is just this type of Republican governments. Due to the pretend information of Cicero, they thought Julius Caesar was a dictator towards the folks when it was exactly the alternative. The Senate fled as a result of the folks didn’t help the SWAMP again then.

Republics are ALWAYS the worst type of authorities for they at all times collapse into oligarchies. Paradoxically, Monarchies and Dictatorships are much less vulnerable to corruption for the leaders have the facility and needn’t promote themselves to win the subsequent election. Corruption was so pervasive in 53BC, that rates of interest doubled as a result of politicians had been borrowing to pay bribes for the election. Such is the destiny of all Republics.


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