A picture is circulating on-line that exhibits how the mainstream media has garnered viewers over the previous 20 years. The three pillars of rhetoric are logos (logic), pathos (belief), and ethos (feelings). The media has been utilizing all three of those persuasion ways in order that individuals are too afraid to look away from the TV as they could miss “breaking information” on the following catastrophe.

They prey upon our feelings (ethos) with fabricated narratives and tales. They prey upon our belief (pathos) with faux consultants chiming in on each disaster and journalists pretending they nonetheless stand as unbiased, moral suppliers of data. Logic (logos) has been fully undermined as unbiased pondering or questioning the mainstream narrative is now a felony offense. The media desires you to be afraid to regulate your ideas. Keep in mind who controls the media.

Flip off the TV. Hunt down the reality independently.

The put up Flip off the TV first appeared on Armstrong Economics.


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