COMMENT #1 [From Germany]: Expensive Mr. Armstrong,

I owe you an apology. For a very long time I used to be of the opinion that the measures (lockdown, social distancing, flattening the curve) have been absolutely justified. I had additionally clearly expressed this in my e-mails to you. I have to admit that I used to be unsuitable. I’m a studying being and was topic to affirmation bias. I solely regarded for the knowledge that confirmed my earlier opinion. Now I see issues in another way. There’s a concern porn happening right here. It’s paranoia time, it’s coronoia time. The press, the media is justifying any interference with our elementary rights. The rule of legislation as we knew it in Germany is lifeless. I stay in a fascist police state. An instance: The Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner (specialist in medical legislation) has filed an pressing software for a constitutional grievance with the Federal Constitutional Courtroom. The consequence: police investigations have been initiated in opposition to Ms Bahner, her web site was now not accessible. After all, the constitutional grievance was not accepted both. Ms Bahner has subsequently returned her admission to the bar.

Enclosed her e-mail to all mass media in Germany (in German)

With unhappy greetings




Sachsen droht Quarantäne-Verweigerern mit Psychiatrie

COMMENT #2 [From Germany]: Expensive Marty,

it will get worse and worse

Saxony threatens quarantine objectors with psychiatry

Admission to a psychological establishment (in a state ruled by the rule of legislation) could solely be made on the premise of a court docket order, which in flip could solely be made on the premise of applicable psychiatric experiences. Now the politicians need to put residents into psychiatric establishments with none authorized resolution.

It needs to be famous that inmates of a closed psychiatric establishment are uncovered with none rights to any “therapy” with psychotropic medicine or different remedies. It’s the sole resolution of the establishment’s administration. Common visiting rights and so forth. don’t exist both and rely totally on the arbitrariness of the establishment, as does dismissal.

To place it considerably casually: a pet has extra formal rights in Germany than a human being.

Shocked and disgusted


REPLY: Whereas everybody appears distracted on blaming China for creating this virus, even when they manufactured it and despatched contaminated folks on planes, that also doesn’t reply WHY have Western governments so eagerly sought to make use of this virus because the excuse to rework Democracy into Authoritarianism. The European Fee will not be elected anyhow, so the EU eliminated any accountability to the folks for his or her management no completely different than China. In all places we glance, civil liberties are being suspended in Europe. That is exactly according to our mannequin which forecast 2020 because the 12 months for a European Revolution.

Based on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, life in Canada will solely return to regular after the event of a vaccine. The identical is rising in Germany. Based on Chancellor Angela Merkel, the coronavirus will stay a risk till a vaccine is discovered and the inhabitants is immunized. “Which means nothing greater than residing with the virus. It has not disappeared. Even when sooner or later fewer persons are contaminated,” stated Merkel.

We’re already seeing the narrative emerge that we must always stay locked down till Gates comes up along with his vaccine which curiously gained’t be prepared till AFTER the US Elections. The 2 characters that they’ve sought to overturn ar Trump and Borris Johnson. They each stand in the way in which of socialism. That is NOT regular. This virus is certainly not that deadly to simply overthrowing democracy. There’s one other motive that goes past Gates and China. That is the political forces in search of to carry on to energy. Maybe they’ve checked out Socrates and noticed the Financial Disaster Cycle coming and this was a preemptive strike to attempt to forestall the collapse of Europe and socialism. Which may be the one biggest motive behind leaping on the bandwagon with Gates.

There’s clearly social inequality unfolding as a result of those that have jobs that require some stage of handbook labor to nose to nose contact from waitresses, cooks, dancers, and bodily therapeutic massage are all out of a job and can’t work at home. These with higher-end white-collar jobs can not less than work at home if the gross sales hold coming in. After they cease, so will their earnings. So what’s the finish objective right here? Is it to harm those that can’t work at home to turn into subservient upon the state the place they state now not borrows cash – it simply creates it?

What in regards to the excellent debt? Do they merely default as did Russia or China following their revolutions? If that is an try to reset the world financial system intermixed with conflict to justify ending debt, pensions, and to subjugate everybody as in a communistic state, then your entire debt markets turn into the best threat. Will there be not less than a managed economic system with non-public possession as in China, or are we taking a look at deliberate chapter of enterprises to justify their nationalization as Peter Altmaier, the German Federal Minister of Financial Affairs, was joined by the left-wing Martin Schulz politician and Chief of the Social Democratic Celebration (Socialist) in a joint assertion on March 13th, 2020 that successfully stated that since they can’t bail out firms, maybe they might simply NATIONIZE them. Altmaier when requested bout his nationalization feedback, he replied: “I don’t see such a necessity in the mean time.” He didn’t rule it out. Germany had already dominated that it was completely advantageous to nationalize non-public property to realize social equality in Berlin.

What’s the finish objective? Managed Authoritarian-Socialism or simply outright Tyranny? We’re getting into an age that when once more would be the stuff that tries our souls. Governments have fully forgotten that they have been imagined to be our representatives, not our lords and masters. Our public discussion board, the place we elected our representatives to enact our legal guidelines, has crumbled to mud in a matter of simply 8.6 weeks. The general public edifices that have been based for eternity because the image of our liberty and freedom from oppression, lie prostrate, bare, and damaged, just like the limbs of a fallen large. This stupendous postwar rebirth of civilization seems to be a mere relic of former glory which has been unable to face up to the accidents of corruption over time and fortune.





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