Right here is that interview folks have requested about the place Chuck Schumer confirms that no politicians will EVER examine the intelligence department — NSA, CIA, FBI, or DOJ. They maintain unbridled energy to do as they like once they like.

The likelihood that the CIA took out John F. Kennedy has lengthy been suspected, and the CIA has refused to launch paperwork that Congress had sealed for 50 years. They declare it’s a nationwide safety difficulty, and if it had been Russia, they might be flouting that documentation everywhere in the press. The ONLY purpose to refuse to launch paperwork is that they may result in the intelligence group who needed to begin the warfare with Vietnam, which Kennedy opposed.

There may be the declassified proposal that Kennedy additionally rejected. The CIA needed to kill People after which blame it on Castro to justify invading Cuba. And folks surprise about 9/11? The Russian hack that they boast was found by the intelligence group by no means happened. Russians by no means hacked the Democratic Get together servers.

Welcome to the land of the free, the place our claimed elected officers are afraid to analyze the intelligence group. Schumer calls Trump silly, for he ought to have recognized how highly effective they actually had been. They needed Biden so they may do as they preferred at any time when. Calling Trump silly for criticizing the intelligence group confirms that neither he nor anybody else in Washington would dare to shake up or stir the intelligence group.


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