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Key Insights:

  1. Financial arguments towards increased taxes that will have been considerably believable again within the days of 70% or so most particular person and 40% or so most capital positive factors tax charges merely don’t apply now.

  2. Proper-wing events that don't assume they will credibly make the argument that cosseting their core constituencies is important for speedy financial progress seek for some non-economic cleavage through which the wealthy and the right-thinking poor, or the right-colored poor, will be on one aspect and the individuals who search a fairer and extra equal distribution of revenue and better taxes on the wealthy will be placed on the opposite—let's all yell about crucial race idea, and perhaps they gained't take note of the truth that we simply, you already know, take everyone's cash.

  3. Capital to fund funding is admittedly not a giant constraint proper now—incentivizing financial savings in monetary belongings actually is simply pushing on a string.

  4. Corporations with investments which have excessive societal worth in growth have to be correctly incentivized—both by the scent of extra earnings subsequent 12 months from serving a bigger market with decrease prices of manufacturing via bigger scale, or via the federal government paying and so getting costs righter than the free market will get them.

  5. “Doge coin” is pronounced with a gentle “g” sound.

  6. No, Doge coin just isn’t named after the title of the top of state of the Venetian Republic

  7. Doge coin’s title comes from the Homestar Runner line: “I desire a doge”…

  8. Hexapodia!




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