QUESTION: Are you saying that the folks left alone don’t hate one another, it’s the politicians?


ANSWER: Sure. They don’t educate hatred at school in Israel or the Arab world. There are households who’ve misplaced folks and that’s the reason the previous adage was you kill your enemy and his household for the son will solely develop as much as avenge their father’s demise. The hostility is fostered on the political stage.

Right this moment, we now have a really major problem. As Matt Taibbi has reported, journalists as soon as challenged the Spy State. Now, They’re Brokers of It. If we have a look at the polls on Russia, the media in pushing Hillary’s agenda have turned Russia into an evil empire. The press in the US REFUSED to ever examine the truth that the bankers had been blackmailing Yeltsin in 2000 which is why he withdrew in 2000 and handed it to Putin. That’s the reason Hillary blamed the Russians as a result of she was behind making an attempt to take over Russia for the bankers. The media has ensured there shall be World Conflict III as a result of they’ve promoted the propaganda and by no means investigated something.

The individuals are not the issue. If the politicians had been eliminated, issues can be totally different. Take the well-known Treaty of Versailles when Germany surrendered at World Conflict II. The French politicians insisted that’s the place it might happen as a result of the primary treaty of Versailles is the place the French surrendered and the German Empire was born. Politicians have lengthy reminiscences. Once I had conferences in Yugoslavia, I heard in regards to the justification for genocide towards Muslims due to their Jihad towards the Serbs in the course of the 14th century when the Ottoman Empire was increasing. Recollections can return tons of of years in Europe far past the lifetime of the US.

It is very important separate the folks from the state. The folks often don’t have any want for battle. When FDR needed to get into WWII, he went to Boston which was predominantly Irish. He needed to promise he would solely ship supplies. The Irish mentioned that their sons wouldn’t die for the British who let the Irish starve to demise which is why they migrated to American in the course of the famine. Recollections lengthen again in time.

The publish Folks towards Politicians Who At all times Need Conflict first appeared on Armstrong Economics.


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