The lockdown was justified underneath the speculation that Hospitals didn’t have the capability to deal with the tens of millions of people that can be struck down by the fast coronavirus. All of that justification to lock down the nation by no means materialized. The ramifications have now turned to a denial of healthcare for the common inhabitants and now medical doctors and medical workers are going through being laid off as a result of regular well being companies are shut down. I personally couldn’t even see a dentist as a result of they have been informed to close down by the American Dental Affiliation.

Sarcastically, now hospitals are in peril of going bankrupt. We have been informed that we needed to flatten the curve as a result of there weren’t sufficient mattress areas. Then they did the delicate swap and the lockdown was justified till COVID-19 was eradicated. The fascinating factor is what number of establishments are sending us numerous supplies as a result of mainstream media is not going to cowl it when it goes in opposition to their place of sustaining this lockdown. They’re endangering our lives for political nonsense by refusing to report the reality.


Here’s a letter from the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Affiliation to Governor Northam asking that these emergency orders stopping healthcare for regular individuals be terminated. The place the justification was to guard public well being, this lockdown is now threatening public well being and the leftist media refuses to report the reality.

DOWNLOAD LETTER: Letter-to-Governor-Northam-Concerning-EO-Extension-4.18.20



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