QUESTION:  Hello AE….I’ve a thought/query/thought that’s an statement, not a criticism, & begs a response.
Have lengthy famous AE’s reliance on technical evaluation, in your forecasts, to the just about whole exclusion of broader fundamentals, like out-of-control corruption. From day one, this has been a revelation to me, however should concede that your success in forecasting speaks for itself.
In the meantime, over a lifetime, I’ve additionally noticed the US gov’t dep’ts morph from “regular” corruption, to outright corruption, in each attainable approach, no matter which alphabet dep’t you possibly can title–CIA, FBI, FDA, FCC, OSHA, well being care, justice (as you nicely know), schooling (indoctrination), plus all MSM. Wonderful, Trump remains to be standing.
The system is so rotten, it can’t for much longer endure. It has come right down to the trustworthy “little folks”, in flyover nation VS the matrix of entrenched monetary/political/globalist parasites.
So, my query…your technicals work nicely in economics in a “regular” setting, however someplace, deep in my psyche, a voice insists that in some unspecified time in the future, all this blatant deceit, & even hatred goes to overwhelm all of the charts & graphs, as in nearly no markets in any respect, for some time.
There should be 100’s, if not 1000’s of your readers with comparable ideas.


ANSWER: Attempting to forecast based mostly upon fundamentals is simply opinion. That isn’t dependable for all of us have good days and dangerous days. The pattern is confirmed by the evaluation. For instance, Socrates projected that unemployment would rise quicker than it ever has in historical past. That isn’t a forecast any particular person might have made BEFORE this virus even appeared.

I’ve informed the story at conferences. We had a consumer, the Common Financial institution of Lebanon, again within the 1980s. They found a ledger within the basement the place somebody had recorded the worth of the Lebanese pound going again into the 1800s. They requested if we might create a mannequin. They despatched somebody to the states with a replica of the ledger. I enter the information into the pc and out got here with a forecast that their nation would disintegrate in eight days. I assumed the pc was incorrect. Once I informed them the outcome and apologized, they merely requested me which foreign money could be finest. The conflict began in eight days.

The exact same factor passed off in regards to the Iran-Iraq Battle. We had a consumer who was very nicely linked and owned a transport enterprise. He referred to as and requested me what gold would do the subsequent day. He knowledgeable me that Iran was going to start attacking transport within the Gulf. I requested, “Are you telling me a conflict goes to start tomorrow?” He stated sure.

With time I started to grasp that the pc was monitoring the capital flows. It will undertaking the pattern based mostly upon the actions it was selecting up. Consequently, it knew nothing about who was shifting the cash or why – simply that the capital was shifting. I got here to grasp that for those who have been going to begin a conflict, you’d transfer your cash appropriately upfront. I delivered the forecast that Russia was about to break down in 1998 which led to the Lengthy-Time period Capital Administration collapse. The pc noticed $100 billion going into Russia, however $150 billion fleeing.

I’ve discovered over time that the basics imply nothing. Sure, there have been deficits and other people preserve calling for the crash of the greenback. Sure, there was rising corruption. The query is when will these fundamentals lastly imply one thing? That’s the place the pc is available in. No opinions – simply the pattern. It boils right down to public confidence. You may see it with this virus scare. The overwhelming majority imagine what’s being stated. They’re fools who rush in and simply observe folks like Gates. He counts on such silly ignorance.


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