I confess I’m positively unmanned by the every-three-days doubling of reported instances and deaths right here in the USA. I had thought that we’d see true instances doubling each seven days. And again when reported instances began doubling each three days, I used to be inspired, as a result of I assumed it meant that we had been catching up on testing, and so getting nearer to detecting the majority of the symptomatic instances.

However now it appears like that was flawed: reported instances had been doubling each three days as a result of true instances had been doubling each three days—that’s what deaths inform us was taking place to true instances up till three weeks in the past. The shortage of case curve-bending makes me suppose that testing will not be enhancing. It makes me suppose that reported instances are doubling each three days as a result of true instances are doubling each three days.

That implies that the Trump administration has solely 40% as a lot time to get its ass in gear as I assumed it did.

And which means the possibilities it is going to are very very low certainly:

I need to confess it had by no means occurred to me again when China shut down Wuhan that we’d merely not take a look at everybody who introduced with signs—after which backtrace their contacts. It’s actually wanting now as if China—even with its authoritarian blindness fumbling of the intitial response (see Zeynep Tufekci: https://www.theatlantic.com/expertise/archive/2020/02/coronavirus-and-blindness-authoritarianism/606922/ goes to be studied sooner or later as a optimistic mannequin of public well being within the 21st century, whereas the Trump Administration’s response—at present on monitor because the worst on the earth in dealing with coronavirus <https://www.evernote.com/l/AAFzPq9AJoFHFr_nrTPi1QyseD8WSAe0y00B/picture.png>—shall be studied sooner or later as a destructive instance: Brad DeLong: The Trump Administration’s Epic COVID-19 Failure https://www.bradford-delong.com/2020/03/the-trump-administrations-epic-covid-19-failure-project-syndicate.html: 'As officers on the US Facilities for Illness Management and different public-health our bodies certainly should have acknowledged, asymptomatic transmission implies that the usual technique of quarantining symptomatic vacationers after they cross nationwide (or provincial) borders is inadequate. It additionally implies that we’ve identified for nearly two months that we had been taking part in a protracted sport towards the virus. With its unfold kind of inevitable, the first job was at all times to cut back the tempo of group transmission as a lot as potential, in order that health-care methods wouldn’t be overwhelmed earlier than a vaccine might be developed, examined, and deployed. Within the lengthy sport towards a contagious virus, easy methods to mitigate transmission isn’t any secret. In Singapore, which has largely contained the outbreak inside its borders, all vacationers from overseas have been required to self-quarantine for 14 days, no matter whether or not they have signs. In Japan, South Korea, and different nations, testing for COVID-19 has been carried out on a large scale. These are the measures that accountable governments take. You take a look at as many individuals as you possibly can, and whenever you find areas of group transmission, you lock them down. On the similar time, you construct a database of all those that have already developed immunity and thus could safely resume their regular routine…

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